Depressed over stupid stuff

I had not been writing due to a bunch of stuff hitting me at one time. The furniture i had ordered came way to early due to the store closing and if i didn’t take my stuff now, well i would have nothing, not even the money back! Ouch. Now the problem with that i did not have my new living room set up yet, it was still my old bed room. Remember: I thought i still had lots of time yet, as they were holding the stuff for me. The room that i was going to use as my dressing room was not done either. To make a long story short i had to get two rooms done and ready, so i could get my stuff. Glad to say the living room is done and furniture is in looks great and we are enjoying. My dressing room is also done and it looks great also, i guess as good as a dressing room will look.

So here”s the kicker, my mom was so happy i got everything done, put her lift chair in the new living room. First night of her sitting and watching tv, she says to me i don’t like it. My feelings were so hurt, but i do not say anything, just sorry. She has not said nothing sense, and is still watching tv with me there, but who knows what she is thinking. I just thought, well no i didn’t think about her not liking it. I don’t think it is the room she don’t like, i think it is she has to walk a little to get there and it is something new. My mom don’t like change, I’m better now due to a few friends have seen the room and raved over it. As soon as my non techy self can figure out again on how to send a picture to my email, ( i swear it changes every day on how to do that) I will post a picture…

May you all feel Blessed today!!!