My thoughts are why won’t they help. Now that my mom has an amputated leg, she can’t stand on the good leg even with help. My mom needs help with everything now, and no i don’t mind thats why i quit my job years ago and went to an agency so i could go through they county and get paid to stay home with my mom, yeah the bills still need paid.

So i talk to the insurance company my mom has and tell them what my needs are. Well it is put to me to try the county and the county lady comes out to see with her own eyes as to what is going on. They both say the other should pay and blame each other and medicare. Just to let you all know to take a shower it is a luxury, wow, say what, yes that is what i was told when i ask for a shower chair. You got to be kidding me.

So now in reality i will have to pay for what my mom needs and then fight the insurance company and the medicare/ county. I have gotten letters from her doctors and pt, ot and i will write one myself, and send to all those involved.

They say they have changed the things with medicare due to people not using the system right, i get that but what about all us people who do need the help, or the equipment. Come on people open your eyes. To have to go through all the red tape or just be forgotten about that you need help.

Lets see no shower, skin starts to break down, you start to stink, and your feelings start to go down hill just because you don’t feel fresh, your quality of life seems to diminish. Yeah, well thanks for caring, and then you tell me you want all people to stay in there homes. Well please tell me how that is possible. Sometimes as a CareGiver and my mom’s daughter i get very upset over all this bull that i have to go through just to get things my mom needs, or choose, food or medical equipment?

I ask for a ceiling lift and yes they are expensive but i need one to get my mom up safely and back and forth to the potty chair or to bed….. well i guess they are just luxuries also.

So yes our medical no matter how you look at it weather it be insurance or medicare are very ass backwards. This is not fair to anyone who needs help, in order to stay in there homes.

I could go on and on about this but that would make me even more mad.

Lets all everyone try to help who we can, so just may be we can make this world just a little bit better. Hopefully the insurance companies and medicare will see what we are doing and just decide they are not doing things right and change. I know it’s a long shot, but we need to do something.