Remember me

Do not forget me as i am not present.

My mind is foggy but my heart is clear.

Do not criticize my imperfections.

If only I could choose to remember even the simplest of tasks.

Do not resent my frequent repetitive questions.

I am scared and confused.

Your answers slip from my desperate grasp.

Do not stop loving me because my actions are inappropriate.

Use patience and kindness to remind me of my manners for they have

disappeared with other fragments of my mind.

Do not resent my frequent pacing or attempts to “go home”.

This is not my home, nothing here is familiar or reassuring.

If only I could go home, I would surely find my memories there.

Do not remind me of my recent hurts.

I do not recall that my mate has passed or my house burned to the ground.

Do not speak to me as a child.

I have a lifetime of experiences despite my childlike ways.

Remind me of your name and the place you hold in my life.

I would love to recall, for i feel your love and kindness.

Show me the world, nature, music, art,

for I have forgotten the amazing joy it holds.

Allow me to use the tools that remain,

to hammer out my mark and unwrench my heart.

Forgive me for my imperfect past:

If only I remember, I would surely apologize.

You need not fill our time with many words.

Your presence helps fill my void.

Love me for who I am now and the person I used to be.

This was written by AL-hafez in june of 1997, Thank you for letting me borrow this. We all need a little reminding from time to time.

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