I feel the need

I know some where on the face of the earth they have care giver day. Well for my own reasons i just need to write a little something to all the care givers out there in the world, because i care.

I found out that in the heavens care givers are considered “Seraphim Angels”.

The highest class of Angels and caretakers to God’s throne. You are so bright and vibrant that others sometimes have a hard time looking at you. You are unique, successful, and highly respected.

with that said most caretakers also have a spirit animal of a “Tiger”.

You are strong and protective of your family. You hesitate around others, but usually warm up to them. You love the darkness, because you feel it is easy to sneak…… The powers of your spirit animal gives you strength and swiftness, as well as night vision.

So i give this to all of you caregivers out there, no matter how you are a care giver. I know it don’t seem like much, but when i read this i got a bit of a up lift from it, i hope you will also.

I have been very Blessed.

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