As we all get old

Yesterday as i’m going about my day i noticed water marks on my floor in several different places. Then remembering that is were Hoover (my dog) was laying. I’m in big denial that my boy is getting older, a few months back Hov was not feeling well, diarrhea, vomiting ect… it was on a sunday so we ended up in the doggie ER, only to find out he has an enlarged prostrate, of course due to i had never had him fixed. Good God now  I feel terrible. So found a vet to do the surgery and all has been good, till yesterday(somedays i’m kinda dence) i really think i’ve been cleaning this up for a while now and just realized it. I’ve been washing his beding more often, couch covers and just throught out a few pillows. Sad to say today i ordered from Amazon doggie diapers. I’m not sure how he will take to this but we will see. I just can’t get over my boy getting so old, when did that happen? I guess i looked away for just a minute. It’s not like i have not been through this before, but so in life we all look away for just a minute and we all get old.



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