I can’t fix stupid

Like i have all day. The couch and love seat would not fit, 1 week later got new, and yes my friends it fits. You make a phone call, well let me put you on hold, I’ll have to call you back tomorrow, don’t know that info. and don’t care, thats all after you get the automated system and have to hit 10 million numbers just to get to the right department. Then you go to the store, hey i need that item to clean my carpets, there are no boxes of that item, ask store person and they say yes you can buy that item floor model same price, hey but items are missing, they don’t care. Now i have a headache.

What i have learned this week is No i cannot fix stupid, no one answers there phones any more, to many hands in the pot, no one cares about there jobs any more.


One thought on “I can’t fix stupid

  1. I manage a small retail department. I can’t believe some of the stuff that goes on on both sides of the transaction… but the employee is always supposed to care for the customer. So sad to read that you got on the bad end of employees who just don’t care (especially when you’re a care giver and could use a bit of care!)

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