A little food love

Good book if your into food.


My mom has diabetes and now so do I. My big thing is helping my mom, her blood sugars are just out of control. No matter what i cook or how i cook. I found this book actually while i was food shopping one day. and i was flipping through the pages trying to decide if i was going to buy or not and a part in the book i caught said something to the fact of , check your attitude. That did it for me, that sounded like something i could have fun with(sense i have big attitude). I was right i have followed this book pretty well, my mom’s blood sugars are more manageable. Least we know what she has eaten or how i cooked it that day for it to go high.

I liked the the parts of the book which talks about how to shop, and food substitute, it goes on to list food and then let you know what food you should eat. I thought very informative.

My moms blood sugars have been crazy ever sense she was diagnosed. With my medical back round this just drives me nuts, I just want to keep my mom healthy, more ever now sense her heart surgery a little over a year ago. I know I can’t cure everything and take her body back 20 years, but i can sure try.

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