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Non-24, Are you legally blind or totally blind?

Non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder. A lot of people have not heard of it, and yes it is real. This disorder can really displace you and your family and friends in life. Here are so questions to help yourself to see if you have the disorder.

Do you go through periods when you have trouble sleeping at night?

Do you sleep during the day?

You cannot get yourself on a regular routine?


Everyone has an internal master body clock. Everyone’s body clock is different. And most people’s body clocks arne’t  exactly 24 hours long, so they need to be adjusted, daily, through light cues, to align with the 24-hour day. And living with legial or total blindness can mean your body clock can’t align with the 24-hour day.

So, over time, you can get more out of sync, which can leave you feeling out of sorts. Like your constantly running and can never quite catch up. Like you don’t know if it’s day or night, time to sleep or wake.

You may think that you’ve just had a sleep problem, but it may be Non-24.

How Non-24 can affect you life:

<Are your sleep patterns different from most people you know?

<Is it hard to fall asleep at night?

< Is it hard to stay asleep at night?

<Do you want to sleep during the day?

<Do you just fall asleep during the day?

<Are you alway’s exhausted?

<Do the sleep patterns come and go?

<Is it affecting your ability to do your job?

<Is it hard to concentrate?

You can call 1-844-804-2424 or go to

to talk to someone and get more information. Then you should talk to your doctor about how your feeling and whats going on with you.


Ways of Healing – Fulfilment of Life. — Ramblings of a Writer-I wanted to share this post from someone i follow due to this has helped me in the past, I hope it helps you too.

Photo Credit – Beautiful Yoga Girl At Sunrise On The Beach Ways of Healing – Fulfilment of Life. Some years ago I was feeling not complete, something was missing, so I started looking for peace, balance in my life, a sense that I was okay with all that was going on in my life, by cultivating inner […]

via Ways of Healing – Fulfilment of Life. — Ramblings of a Writer

As we all get old

Yesterday as i’m going about my day i noticed water marks on my floor in several different places. Then remembering that is were Hoover (my dog) was laying. I’m in big denial that my boy is getting older, a few months back Hov was not feeling well, diarrhea, vomiting ect… it was on a sunday so we ended up in the doggie ER, only to find out he has an enlarged prostrate, of course due to i had never had him fixed. Good God now  I feel terrible. So found a vet to do the surgery and all has been good, till yesterday(somedays i’m kinda dence) i really think i’ve been cleaning this up for a while now and just realized it. I’ve been washing his beding more often, couch covers and just throught out a few pillows. Sad to say today i ordered from Amazon doggie diapers. I’m not sure how he will take to this but we will see. I just can’t get over my boy getting so old, when did that happen? I guess i looked away for just a minute. It’s not like i have not been through this before, but so in life we all look away for just a minute and we all get old.



I saw this new item at the dollar tree ( well new to me). They are called pasta buckets. so i got a few bags. Thinkin of what to make.

Par boil the buckets, you need them semi-ferm.

9X13 pan slightly grease and put in some of your sauce of choice, i used a mushroom based sauce.

after boiling the buckets make sure all the water is out of the bucket part.

In a bowl mix a ricotta cheese and chopped spinach. You can use frozen spinach, just thaw it out first.

start filling the buckets and layering them in the 9X13 pan, in between layers put more sauce.

cover with tin foil bake at 350 for 2hours.

This is to die for, try it. I will be posting more if you all like them. Let me know.

Depressed over stupid stuff

I had not been writing due to a bunch of stuff hitting me at one time. The furniture i had ordered came way to early due to the store closing and if i didn’t take my stuff now, well i would have nothing, not even the money back! Ouch. Now the problem with that i did not have my new living room set up yet, it was still my old bed room. Remember: I thought i still had lots of time yet, as they were holding the stuff for me. The room that i was going to use as my dressing room was not done either. To make a long story short i had to get two rooms done and ready, so i could get my stuff. Glad to say the living room is done and furniture is in looks great and we are enjoying. My dressing room is also done and it looks great also, i guess as good as a dressing room will look.

So here”s the kicker, my mom was so happy i got everything done, put her lift chair in the new living room. First night of her sitting and watching tv, she says to me i don’t like it. My feelings were so hurt, but i do not say anything, just sorry. She has not said nothing sense, and is still watching tv with me there, but who knows what she is thinking. I just thought, well no i didn’t think about her not liking it. I don’t think it is the room she don’t like, i think it is she has to walk a little to get there and it is something new. My mom don’t like change, I’m better now due to a few friends have seen the room and raved over it. As soon as my non techy self can figure out again on how to send a picture to my email, ( i swear it changes every day on how to do that) I will post a picture…

May you all feel Blessed today!!!

I can’t fix stupid

Like i have all day. The couch and love seat would not fit, 1 week later got new, and yes my friends it fits. You make a phone call, well let me put you on hold, I’ll have to call you back tomorrow, don’t know that info. and don’t care, thats all after you get the automated system and have to hit 10 million numbers just to get to the right department. Then you go to the store, hey i need that item to clean my carpets, there are no boxes of that item, ask store person and they say yes you can buy that item floor model same price, hey but items are missing, they don’t care. Now i have a headache.

What i have learned this week is No i cannot fix stupid, no one answers there phones any more, to many hands in the pot, no one cares about there jobs any more.

Am I invisible

sometimes we all feel this way.

Sometimes i just need to walk away, yet i can’t. I’m sure you understand when i say i’m overwhelmed. Today i need to scream. I feel guilty for having these feelings. I would like to sleep longer, and some days i would like to take a nap. Do you know someday’s i do not feel well, or i just don’t feel like cooking. I have so much other stuff to also do today. I woke you, sorry but i needed to clean. Help me, just sometimes i need help too. Yup i got that. ok i’m working on that. I remember that i’m blessed.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 2

I would feed those who do not have food to eat. I would help cloth those who need, and help those so they don’t have to sleep on the ground at night. I would help.

Reena Saxena

Thanks to all those who participated with their thoughts in Week 1! Here’s a round-up of all entries received.

Susmita Mukherjee


Soul Connection

Sammi Cox

Reena Saxena




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Well, the Living Stories event I planned to attend was postponed, due to political unrest in the state. I wonder if the stories will change in two weeks. The human mind is so productive, perceptive and fickle at the same time. It keeps adding new dimensions to facts, to make life palatable and interesting. We live because we have an imagination, and a capability to project into the future.

The question last week was meant to make you take a pause. We become perfectionists in executing our daily routine, and put our imagination on hold. We need to watch the direction in which we are going.


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The care giving must go on

So a couple of posts ago I wrote about my dog getting older, he is now 14 years old. I had to buy some doggie diapers for him , well as an update the doggie diapers are working so well that I just bought more. I found the best price at Amazon.

So now as I’ve said before I just take care of everyone. This week so far has been very hectic as my new assignment with Hoover(my dog) moves on and of course my mom has been a bit demanding this week(her arthritis has been really bothering her, and her hands are just terrible. I put warm compresses on her hands, it helps a little bit. My stove broke and i’ve already put to much into keeping it working so I picked up and (what i call) an old new stove. its from the 1950’s i think but it is in good shape it works great. I was just tired of putting money into a stove. This stove will probable last my life time. Everything today is made to throw away.

I was very sadened to hear about all the people in Texas and my prayers go out to them all. We think we have it bad, I cannot complain today , there are people out there much worse off. I am Blessed.

A little food love

Good book if your into food.

My mom has diabetes and now so do I. My big thing is helping my mom, her blood sugars are just out of control. No matter what i cook or how i cook. I found this book actually while i was food shopping one day. and i was flipping through the pages trying to decide if i was going to buy or not and a part in the book i caught said something to the fact of , check your attitude. That did it for me, that sounded like something i could have fun with(sense i have big attitude). I was right i have followed this book pretty well, my mom’s blood sugars are more manageable. Least we know what she has eaten or how i cooked it that day for it to go high.

I liked the the parts of the book which talks about how to shop, and food substitute, it goes on to list food and then let you know what food you should eat. I thought very informative.

My moms blood sugars have been crazy ever sense she was diagnosed. With my medical back round this just drives me nuts, I just want to keep my mom healthy, more ever now sense her heart surgery a little over a year ago. I know I can’t cure everything and take her body back 20 years, but i can sure try.